Highly qualified stone

Marble or Granite Gallery is staffed with highly qualified stone fabricators, professionals with a renowned knowledge of product characteristics who take pride in what they do and truly enjoy working with people.

Experts in design

With our experience in product, finish and installation, we’re perfectly positioned to advise on your requirements.

Our detailed knowledge of available material and experience with interiors allow us to demonstrate this knowledge pool with the harmony, proportion, balance and functionality you’re looking for.

The art of tolerance

Regardless of the size, mass or shape of the stone, we have the expertise - and patience - required to shape and fit the finished stone to the very finest tolerances.


Granite is an igneous rock, and it was formed deep under the earth as hot molten rock cooled very slowly. During the cooling process, minerals like feldspar and quartz crystallized and bonded together.


Marble is a metamorphic rock. It began its journey as a coral reef beneath an ancient sea millions of years ago. The reef eventually became buried under earth and rock, and the calcium-rich bones...

Welcome to Ajiad Marble

Ajiad Building Material Company is the leader in distribution of natural stones. With over 35 years of experience in the industry, we can proudly say we have made a science of when dealing with marble and granite. Our stones are directly imported from all over the world and are available for you on the spot, This makes Ajiad a true one-stop-shopping solution for your needs. We import exclusively premium quality slabs from the most prestigious quarries around the world. You can rest assured that your product will be truly exceptional.

Marble is limestone, which has been metamorphosed through the action of heat, pressure and time deep beneath the earth's surface. The result is a hard composition of crystals running the color gamut from nearly pure white to black. Colored marbles are the result of minerals or small amounts of staining matter. Ranges in many colors and is usually heavily veined and shows lots of grains.